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Today I held a luncheon/cookie exchange at my home. The guests were to make a cookie recipe of their choice and bring the results to share with others. I didn’t count, but I believe about ten kinds of cookies showed up, many with chocolate as the important ingredient.

We had a Champagne toast, ate a wonderful lunch catered by Savors & Secrets, and then delved into the cookies. Of course, we had to sample them before we divvied them. The problem was that we were already full, and each of us eating a sampling of ten different cookies didn’t appeal.

However, being creative types, we found a solution. The first cookie to succumb to it was a round Whoopie Pie, which was cut into six pie shaped pieces and passed around the table. All agreed it was good, but had we each eaten one it would have been way too sweet.

We divided the Maraschino/Almond cookie the same way. And then the cream cheese brownie. I don’t remember what came next, but we soldiered on. Finally, one of the guests commented that all we’d each eaten was only one cookie. That felt comforting and less guilt-ridden.

I believe each guest went home with more cookies than she brought. In addition, the remaining roasted asparagus – part of the luncheon – found new homes too.

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