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Delayed Reaction #2

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged political, but that doesn’t mean the political scene hasn’t deserved comment. It means I’m still thinking things over. I’m thinking about Sarah Palin for instance.

I’m thinking how I should be proud that a woman is running for Veep. I’m thinking how she gave a stellar performance with her acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago. And how she’s electrified the current media scene.

But the truth is . . . I can’t get excited. Or enrolled. In fact, I can’t get beyond her nasally tone of voice, her bobbing head, her one-liners delivery.

I realize these are superficial qualities if she is really a good candidate. But then the focus on pit bulls and lipstick and pigs and Hollywood partisanship is also superficial. So is the fact that all the candidates occasionally make a slip of the tongue that the other party capitalizes on. Or that they’re so busy slamming each other in commercials that it reeks of lunacy. It all belongs in a Las Vegas comedy act.

In the past three days, the market has lost almost a thousand points. Major companies in America have lost not only assets but credibility. The government is lending more and more at the taxpayer’s expense. None of this is superficial. Yet I haven’t heard a serious word about the state of the economy from anyone, shrill voice or no.

Which means that I’d listen to anyone with the voice of an angel or the voice of a bandsaw, if he or she could offer a viable way to dig out of today’s hole.

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