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Doc Day

Every Tuesday Earl and I meet with the radiation oncologist after I have my treatment. He wants to know if we have any questions, and I can usually oblige. (See previous blog post.) But I suspect his real reason for meeting is to observe if the patients are having side effects and how they’re handling them.

To date I’m lucky. No fatigue, no burning skin, no other irritants. But I’m not so naïve to believe I’ll get out of this without having some of these symptoms down the road. I don’t dread them, especially since they are considerably less debilitating than those associated with chemotherapy.  But I’m someone who loves schedules and hates surprises. So if my doctor could possibly pinpoint the particular day that I’ll want to nap, it would be useful for future planning purposes.

I’m not even sure you’re reading this, Dr. G. But if you are, even making up a date would be helpful. Many thanks.

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