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Fish Fry Finale

You could call it beginner’s luck, since I’d never cooked perch before. But our dinner last night was a culinary success. I managed to have all three methods of cooking the fish get done at the same time and arranged them on a platter alphabetically; that is, the baked on the left, the broiled in the center, and the fried on the right. (I’m quirky that way. I even alphabetize my soup cans.)

They all looked moist yet crispy. Not the stiff deep-fried kind of crispy; rather the kind that Clementine’s, a local restaurant, serves and is the gold standard around here. However, they all tasted the same regardless of which side of the platter they came from.  Which means the next time I cook perch, I’ll do one recipe only.

Long story short: we ate them all. Same for the bread. The salad went untouched.

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