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Fish Fry

The local supermarket had a sale on perch, those little fish fillets that fry up crispy and tender. I’ve never cooked perch, but the price convinced me to buy a package and try it.

At home, I discovered three different types of breading for fish lurking in my cupboard. How they got there, since I don’t fry much, is beyond me; but perhaps Earl, the resident grocery shopper, was lured (Pun intended) to purchase Andy’s Red Batter, Drake’s, and one other whose name was ripped off the packaging.

It’s questionable how long these breadings have been in the cupboard, but tonight they are front and center as I try three different recipes: fried, baked, and broiled. Timing seems crucial, since the fillets are small and thin and cook quickly. Each recipe says they are done in about seven minutes.

Which means organization is key. The table is already set; the French bread is wrapped in foil to warm, the lemons are cut, and the salad is almost dressed. All that’s left is to tend the fish. I’ve breaded all three recipes, have the oven at the proper temp, and am heating the oil in the fry pan.

Will let you know tomorrow what happened next.

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