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Gardening Update

It’s past the middle of May and Memorial Day Weekend is in sight. Where I live it’s now considered safe to plant one’s gardens, although the farmers have been planting for some time. Perhaps wheat and soybeans are hardier than zinnias and marigolds.

I have put more than the usual effort into my gardens this year because we’re having company and I want them (the gardens, not the company) to look really good. I’ve been to three nurseries and bought 100 annuals, ten bags of organic potting soil, and 15 bags of mulch. I haven’t counted the number of hours that have gone into this project, but it’s fair to say that some of my other activities – like blogging – have taken a back seat.

As of today, all the hard work is done. Now only the regular weeding and watering throughout the summer remain. That and chasing squirrels away from digging in my pristine flower beds. I plan to sprinkle them (the flower beds, not the squirrels) with crushed red pepper flakes.

And return to writing . . .

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