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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.

Getting Over It

The John vs. George Show absorbed a couple hours of my time each day. Now that it’s over, I’m following my own recent advice to talk show hosts and am looking around for new topics to write about. I’m also planning on filling those two hours with activities that went by the wayside to make room for conventions and campaigns.

The election moved into my life almost insidiously. I didn’t really notice how much time and energy it consumed until I realized I hadn’t read a good book or weeded in my garden or relaxed in my hammock in ages. Instead, I studied online sites, listened to debates, read the newspaper and other periodicals, and always had a dialogue with myself inside my head about the choice of candidates.

Now I’m turning off the lights. Leaving the building. Not looking back.

I’ll still opine about our leaders and losers from time to time, but I’m looking forward to that next great fictional read, an extra hour of piano practice, and maybe even cooking a meal that flops. I’m on sabbatical regarding politics until further notice.

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