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Life is Complicated

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve tried to move money from an investment account at one company to our saving account at another company. In the past, this took only a couple days. However, given current logistics, if we were using the  money to close a mortgage we would probably have lost the deal.

Which makes me wonder why things are so complicated these days.

I acknowledge that Earl and I are old and probably less savvy about how transactions occur in 2024. Still we bank online, and I used the websites involved in the scenario above to move the money. We have gotten umpteen emails assuring us the company moving the money has received our request.

But that isn’t the same as implementing it, because the company that is supposed to receive the money hasn’t gotten it yet. Grrrrr!

I do not find this process user friendly. Is it because of our age or because technology has supplanted customer service? I leave the answer to you.

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