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Naming the Big Guy

“What is the name of this giant machine,” I asked as Dave, Erica, and two others escorted me into the therapy room for Day Two.

“It’s a linear accelerator,” Dave said. And, of course, that didn’t really explain anything to me. But it was all the time I had for questions because Dave and Company had the routine down to a finely tuned drill.

I lie on the board, and someone covers me with a warm blanket. It’s the best part of the procedure, especially when it’s ten degrees outside. Then staff makes sure I’m in the right position, confirm with each other, and leave the room. “You’re coming back, right?” I yell after them.

I’m alone with the machine. The linear accelerator begins to do its thing, moaning and creaking, and I ponder what name I shall give it in my blog world. In the five minutes that I’m alone I’ve decided on Liam. It’s short for linear acceleration machine, but it’s also a human name.

I think of Liam Neeson, the actor, and probably the most well-known Liam.  But there’s also Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, musicians Liam Payne and Liam Gallagher, Irish football star Liam Brady, rugby player Liam Gill, and British Labour Party politician Liam Byrne.

And now there’s Liam the giant Linear Accelerator with whom I shall be most friendly for the next six weeks. Eat your heart out, Mr. Neeson.

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