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On Balance

Today is Thanksgiving Day 2017, and I lay awake this morning thinking of what to be particularly thankful for.

How about the six weeks I spent with bronchitis which prevented Earl and me from visiting Mexico but still paying for the privilege because we didn’t cancel in time? Or the cancellation of two other trips? Or the skin cancer that left a four-inch incision as a precursor to the larger breast cancer incision now next to it?

Or the loss of a grade school girlfriend, the first of our group to die? Or the cancellation of our plans to build a house from scratch because I have this motto that “When it’s time to paint, it’s time to move.” This time we’re staying put.

I don’t believe I needed the object lessons inherent in any of these events.  At my age, I’ve had ample opportunity to practice patience and acceptance. So what am I thankful for?

It’s not the events; it’s the people surrounding them: Earl, who believes I hung the moon. Kevin, with whom I’ve done marathons for over 35 years (He runs; I cheer.) Keith who shows up just when I need someone most. Their partners. Our extended families on both sides. And our friends.

Because our family is spread all over the country, our friends are the ones who pick up the day-to-day caring. Who encourage us. Who laugh and cry with us. Who are the siblings neither Earl nor I ever had.

I only hope to tell each of you in person how thankful I am for your presence in our lives. That would make this day a 9.

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