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One Less Cub Fan

Manager Joe Madden and the Cubs organization have officially parted ways; and I am saddened, angered, frustrated, and disappointed in the way it came down. I do not read sport columnists or listen to talk radio to form my opinion. But I have watched the Cubs faithfully for the five years Madden coached the team, which gives me some firsthand knowledge.

I also live with someone who’s watched the Cubs – win and lose – for seventy-two years. We both think Madden did wonders. Four trips to the playoffs in five years. A World Series win. And a lot of fun in the game. Personally I think his contract should have been renewed. Who else brought the Cubs this far?

The announcement came the eve before the last regular season game. I imagine team members sensed what was going on long before the news broke. But why couldn’t everyone wait another mere 24 hours? For the record, the Cubs lost 9-0?

All season, they were plagued with pitching issues and injuries. But Madden said it best when he noted that the successful Cubs came under increased scrutiny. I suspect that played a significant role in the outcome. Management said it was a “Win-Win” that Madden was departing, but I don’t see it that way. Rather, there will be other members of his “team” who will be traded away, because that is what happens when expectations soar unrealistically.

I doubt the Cubs will win another World Series for the next 108 years, matching their recent drought before Madden brought them one. But, at age 65, he’s got enough left to coach some other team that sees his value.

And for me? I’m following Joe.

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