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Sail Away

We just pulled away from the dock in Lisbon and turned around in the wider part of the Tagus River.  Twenty-four hours ago, I didn’t even know the Tagus existed.

I love sail away, no matter if it’s from Lisbon or in the South Pacific, Alaska, or the Caribbean. I look at the twinkling lights of the port we are leaving– since Sail Away is often at dusk – and feel a sense of kinship. Tonight Earl and I are on the Promenade Deck waving goodbye to souls on the shore.

Most people who live in the place we just visited probably don’t even know we were there. Yet, they have changed me forever.  They have broadened my understanding of our world, as I take away a little of their culture and pride and meld it with my own.

The Crown Princess slowly glides through the river waters and heads to the ocean. Earl and I step inside.

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  1. Carol Parks says:

    There’s a short here – expectations met, expectations not met. Would you take a repositioning cruise again?

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