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Time . . . to go

I’ve subscribed to “Time” magazine for decades. At first, when it was in its heyday before there was instant news, I looked forward to its drop in my mailbox every week. It was contemporary, informative, and succinct.

But that was in the last millennium. Now it’s relegated to a feature approach to most articles instead of a news approach, partly because it comes out twice monthly since 2020. You can’t be the forerunner of news with a schedule like that.

The most current issue is a collection of what “Time” call the “world’s most influential people.” It  is divided into six categories of “influencers,” such artists, titans, leaders, etc. Granted, the people who were chosen are recognizable in their genre; but are they worldly influential? I don’t think so.

Patrick Mahomes of Kansas City Chiefs football fame is on the cover of my edition. He is a great football player, but I’ve never considered him an “influencer” beyond the realm of his profession. Maybe he supports Little League teams; maybe he has a foundation to help underprivileged children play football; or maybe he donates a ton of money to worthy causes.

Still, I don’t think that makes him one of the world’s most influential people? Rather it makes him someone to help “Time” sell magazines.

All in all, I think “Time” should wrap it up. The information is old and cold before it arrives in my mailbox. And, actually, the fact that I subscribed for two years for $20 should have told me how desperate the publication was.

Sorry Patrick, but I do not plan to resubscribe.

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