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Salve on a Wound

There is a wonderful web site out there for Democrats in withdrawal. It’s called www.sorryeverybody.com. Basically, it is a collection of photographs sent in by people like you and me, and each photo shows an apology to the rest of the world for our country’s having elected President Bush to a second term.

The web site doesn’t wring its virtual hands; it doesn’t make grandiose analytical assumptions; it doesn’t urge a recount in questionable counties. Rather, it seems to be a grass roots effort to remind the rest of the world that over 55 million people didn’t vote for Bush, and that many of them are apologizing for those who did.

I think this is a good idea, especially when the President talks of acquiring political collateral, when his new Cabinet seems to be more recalcitrant than his old one, and when there isn’t an analytical thinker in sight.

Instead of feeling vanquished, those of us who didn’t vote for Bush can remind the global community that, election results notwithstanding, there is still a formidable number of citizens with a world view here in the Red/Blue Land. Please take a look at www.sorryeverybodylcom.

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