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Spice Exchange

I’ve been known to purchase a certain spice or herb for a particular recipe, only to find we didn’t like the final result. Perhaps I used a quarter of a teaspoon and am now stuck with the rest of a pricey container of the spice.

On a lark, I pulled three such investments from my spice drawer: ground sage, cream of tartar (two of these), and ground coriander. It was my intention to write about the concept of a spice exchange, sort of a home party idea I just made up.

It goes like this: Several close friends who live near each other (This is crucial.) would make a list of the spices they have.  One person would compile a master list and share it.  This way, the next time one of us needs an eighth of a teaspoon of some exotic item, we check the list and see if an exchange member has that item to spare.

Of course it requires some advanced planning so that the spice in question can be obtained before the recipe is started.  That’s why living nearby is important. But, hey, I know a great group of organized women who plan ahead; besides, who buys ground coriander on the spur of the moment!

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