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The Queen of Clean

Linda Cobb is my kind of gal.  She wrote a book titled The Queen of Clean, originally published in 1998 and still going strong. In it, she solves the mysteries of cleaning one’s home, conquering clutter, and removing spots and stains.

In my small circle of friends, I’m probably the one most interested in cleaning.  In fact, I’ve gone on record as saying – more than once — how much I like the activity.  It ranks up there with reading and gardening. And eating . . .

I’ve learned a lot from Ms. Cobb since a member of the same circle of friends I allude to in the previous paragraph gave me my very own copy of her book.  I’ve learned what activities one should do daily, weekly, monthly etc.  I’ve also learned what one should do in any given month.  For instance, January’s extra time is devoted to removing the previous month’s holiday residue from your home.

One thing I like about the author is that she isn’t pedantic or demanding or rigid.  For instance, here are the six things she says one should do every day to make life run more smoothly: make beds, put dirty clothes in a hamper, hang up other clothes, clean spills, wash dishes, and wipe counters and stovetops.

Not that hard, eh?

But what I like most is that if you miss a day, her advice is, “Well, the dishes will be there tomorrow.”  That goes for bed-making too.

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