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Tuning Out

It’s been a week since Barack Obama won the election for President of the United States. That night I called all my Democratic friends and reveled with them in his win via telephone lines. (I live with a Republican, so glee was not a mutual emotion at my house.)

At the same time, I’m also on media overload. So I’ve turned off the TV and only glanced at newspaper headlines that exclaim Rahm Emmanuel was named Chief of Staff, the first President-elect press conference was held, and the Obamas and Bushes met in cordial fashion. The thing is these are normal occurrences under the circumstances, and I don’t need or want to examine them under the eye of the relentless media microscope. My hope is that we are not going to be treated to a version of “Obama’s first November 12 as President-Elect,” “Obama’s first November 13 as President-Elect,” “Obama’s first . . . this; first that.”

Then tonight I read an article about how the 46 percent of our nation who voted for John McCain might be reacting like I am, only for a different reason. The article was based on interviews with McCain voters in Chicago, Obama’s home town, so they probably are subjected to a double dose of Obama-mania. And they want to tune out. They want to move on. I understand.

Their angst reminds me that I felt the same way in 2000 and 2004 as I do now. Only this time I’m on the winning side. Go figure.

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