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Waning Days

It’s not quite the middle of August, but already there are signs that summer is almost over.  I don’t mean school busses and crossing guards either. They come later.

It’s more subtle than that; and it’s mostly, but not all,  about nature. The trees are beginning to get a yellow tinge to them; it’s the first phase of losing their color.  My zinnias are giving up the good fight. My mums are ready to bloom. The days are shorter; the nights are cooler.

When I lived in various cities – Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis – I didn’t see the Oh-so-gradual change of seasons.  One day spring arrived; one day a few months later the trees in the parks were strewn with color.

But when we moved to Berrien County, Michigan, almost fifteen years ago I noticed that each season begins slowly and during the months we call another season.  For instance, fall changes start in summer; winter changes start in fall; etc. Nothing remains constant. Which is reason enough to enjoy the fading zinnias and look forward to the mums.

In addition, pro football teams started their exhibition games this weekend while baseball is still in full swing.  It’s the same process as in nature.  One sport begins while the other winds down.

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