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Winding Down

Last night Daylight Savings Time ended for this year. Well, at least in some parts of the United States and the world. Other parts have their own change dates, so nobody is on the same page about this. It’s a useless and confusing exercise that’s gone on in this country since 1918. People seem to be math-challenged these days, so I’ll explain. That is over one hundred years ago.

Growing up, I was told the change was for the farmers’ benefit. Something about cows wanting to be milked at a certain time of day according to the sun. When my children were growing up, the rationale was that children standing on corners waiting for the school bus in the dark of winter wasn’t a good thing. And now, I have no idea what the explanation is.

It doesn’t matter. They’re all full of Swiss cheese holes.

But to conform, twice a year I go around to our myriad of clocks and reset them. This year, I’m old enough NOT to stand on a stool and reach high above my kitchen cupboards to reset the Seth Thomas. My cleaning lady will do that for me tomorrow.

Which tells me of the real passage of time.

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