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Today we stocked up on provisions for our breakfasts and lunches, as well as various paper products, at the local supermarket, Winn-Dixie. It’s always an experience to visit a grocery store in another part of the country and see how it operates.

This Winn-Dixie here appears to be older, but the perimeter of the building featured the usual departments: fruits and vegetables, fish and meats, dairy and bread. I felt at home. It was the smaller things that were different. The plastic bags for produce didn’t come on a roll; they came on a slab. The house brand was called “Great Value” instead of “Spartan.” The price of limes was markedly different too, and I imagine that’s because citrus fruit is prevalent in Florida. To ship it north to Michigan adds to the cost.

Other than the limes, the rest of the items we purchased cost more here than at home, and I imagine that’s because many of them need to be shipped from north to south. So I would recommend that Winn-Dixie institute a “Wall of Value” with discounted items that change weekly like we have at home. That was the most obvious difference between the two locations.

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