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More on The Bear and The Book

Since the May newsletter, the creators of Spectacled Bear Publishing have been hard at work on the brand, the website, our first offering, and even getting an anonymous guest writer to pose as S. Bear and write a blog for spectacledbear.com. And when you’re a bear, that’s a pretty tricky challenge.

If you visit spectacledbear.com you’ll see only a note that our first offering, Philip & Phoebe, is coming soon. What month of the year is soon, you ask? Probably sometime in July. We have found a printer and a fulfillment house and are getting ready to ship Philip & Phoebe around the country. We have decided on the retail price ($9.99) and are asking various organizations for advance reviews.

At the same time, we’re building the website itself, making sure it’s easy to navigate while still having all the necessary information and a shopping cart that works. For the moment, ordering online from spectacledbear.com will be the easiest way to obtain your copy, which will be signed by the author. (That would be me.)

Once the books are actually in stock, we’ll launch the site with great hoopla. Those who subscribe to my newsletter will be alerted first. So, please, if you know of anyone who would love a gentle children’s picture book, ask them if they are signed up at either spectacledbear.com or at annebrandt.com. This bear and this book are going places.

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