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1000 Pieces

Two days ago Earl and I started a one thousand piece jigsaw puzzle that is the size of a small area rug.  We’ve never done a thousand pieces before, and the last five hundred piece puzzle stumped us for days. Have we lost our minds?

The thing is the one thousand piecer was a Christmas gift, and the person who gave it to us is coming over in a few days. We thought it was about time we let her know we were enjoying her thoughtfulness.

And truthfully, we are. Unlike the previous puzzle, which was a picture of Custer’s Last Stand where much of the terrain was either blue uniform, brown horse, or sandy grass, this is a picture of a general store, circa the early twentieth century.  It’s Norman Rockwellian in tone.  And the great thing is that there are a myriad of colors and shades so one can assemble  pieces on that basis.

We’ve already got the red Cola Cola dispenser put together.  And the American flag and the mail boxes that a general store would have had back then.  Now we’re working on the grocery shelves with their various product names.  And words are always a great puzzle piece identifier.

I don’t know how long this will take, but so far both Earl and I have commented that Custer’s Last Stand was harder. It remains to be seen if this statement stands.

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