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21 Days

I’ve heard it said that to make something a habit you must do it for 21 days. I checked this on the Internet and learned it’s really more complicated than that.

If it’s an easy habit, like drinking tea in the morning instead of coffee, the saying is probably true. But if it’s more complicated, studies suggest it takes from two to nine months to make something an automatic part of your life.

It was 21 days ago today that I had my surgery. Twenty-one days since I’ve had Duane the drain.Twenty-one days since I’ve had only one position to sleep in. Twenty-one days of wearing baggy clothing. Is all this now a habit with me? Just by necessity.

Maybe another factor to making something a habit is a strong desire to do it. My new “habits” are fueled only by the desire to get them all behind me. Today was an 8.

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