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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


No this isn’t the acronym for ‘artificial intelligence.’ It’s about the Art Institute of Chicago.

I drove from Benton Harbor, MI, to Michigan City, IN, and then trained the rest of the way into Chicago to meet C at the Art Institute and spend time with each other. It was six hours total of travel for three hours together.

And it was absolutely worth it. We saw the special Andy Warhol Exhibit, which is on display until the beginning of January.

Warhol was popular in the sixties, mostly between 1960 and 1968. During that time I was in college, married, and had my first child. So Andy wasn’t so much on my radar. Even though I knew of his Marilyn Monroe and soup can arts, I was busy making pablum and changing diapers.

The exhibit is an excellent retrospective of Warhol’s work and made me realize how he used the current culture of the sixties to make a statement. Soup cans, dollar bills, Jackie O, and the ultra-sized Mao recall that time in our history.

We didn’t even get through the entire exhibit before we needed to catch trains. Still, I came away with a greater appreciation of who Andy Warhol was and is. All because my friend C. had a membership to the AI.

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