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Today two friends, C and S, and I visited the local Aldi’s.  Recently, it was closed for about a month for considerable remodeling and re-opened the beginning of November. We figured we’d given it time to work out the bugs.

For the uninitiated, Aldi’s is a no-frills grocery store; you bring your own sacks and you bag your own groceries. It doesn’t take credit cards either. But armed with our cloth grocery bags, we paid a quarter for a cart with the intention of sharing it. (If you bring the cart back to the corral, you get your quarter back. Think about it; this saves on staff running to the parking lot to collect errant carts.)

As we entered the establishment, C was our guide. She shops here regularly and had commented more than once that the cheeses, marinated artichokes, and pizelles are wonderful.  All those items are expensive at a higher end store, which is one reason S and I were along for the ride. Another reason was that we had $5 coupons off any total purchase of $30.

Not that it took three of us to spend $30.  In fact our combined purchases were closer to $180.  But C got Christmas gifts, S got things for tonight’s supper, and I – who swore I was just a spectator — got chocolate turtles, fresh blackberries, and Brussel sprouts.

S and I agreed we should shop here more often, partly because we also found a ton of laughs in the deal.  But then we always do.

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