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Back . . . and Forth

I’m back, not only to blogging but also to new ideas in the coming months.  As a rule I make a list of goals for every year, even though I rarely accomplish most of them.  Still, I make the list and hope that some of it sticks.  It usually does. This year is no different.

So . . . going forth into 2015, I want to write more with a couple specific projects in mind (More to come on this later.). I hope to learn more in the building contractor world and keep in touch with family on a more regular basis. I plan to use less salt and more wisdom in terms of eating; less whining and more action in terms of working out; and less stalling and more practicing regarding piano.

According to organizational gurus, these aren’t very specific in terms of goals. For instance, I should list the writing projects, detail how many words per project I will write in a given week, and turn off my phone to make this happen.  I should monitor the number of minutes I practice piano each day, and decide to call extended family a certain number of times per week or month.

I’m not there yet.  Besides, I still have three hours before New Year’s Eve strikes midnight. I won’t have the particulars down by then, but that’s what tomorrow is for.  While Earl watches bowl games galore, I’ll refine my list of goals and get ready to sally forth.

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