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Back from the Holidays

It’s been over a week since I’ve blogged. It wasn’t intentional, but I know that whenever we have houseguests my personal routine goes out the window.  No piano playing, no reading, no blogging.

It’s natural if you want your guests to have a good time that you devote more time to cooking, entertaining, and being with them than you might when someone just comes for dinner on an ordinary day. And when it’s my grown sons and their partners who are involved I try doubly hard. It’s the “Mom” in me.

But now we are back in our usual routine, which currently means I’m in physical therapy to recover the full use of my right arm that was compromised from my surgery for breast cancer. And Earl is back at his real estate, which keeps him feeling like a contributing member of society.  My sons and their partners have all returned to their own worlds too.

The only remaining item is the approximately twelve inches of snow that dumped on us this past week. It’s incalcitrant, which is a fancy word for ‘relentless’. Still, it keeps me inside and working at reclaiming my piano practice, reading, and blogging.

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