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Back in the Pool

Earl and I had the good luck of staying at a hotel in Milwaukee that had a wonderful swimming pool.  It might not have meant much to Earl, but it meant a whole lot to me. The three days we were there I swam.  Stretched my arms and legs, did a bunch of pool exercises and determined that I would swim regularly when we returned home.

The problem has been that the new health club I joined six months ago keeps its water temperature far below what is comfortable for me. The logic is that lap swimmers like colder water because they expend a lot of energy that translates to heat.  So they don’t need hot water to begin with, because their body temperatures handle the situation.

I understand this logic; still, I’m not a competitive lap swimmer and I want to at least feel warm after swimming fifteen minutes.  So far, I’ve not been able to stay in the pool that long.  Maybe I am a wimp, but just maybe the water is really too cold.

Regardless, the three days in the hotel pool have convinced me to try again.  Maybe now that summer has arrived the air in the pool room itself will be warmer and also warm the water.  At least I’m going to try.

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