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Over the years, I’ve mentioned a charming book titled The Art of Doing Nothing by Veronique Vienne. Once again it’s caught my eye, in particular the chapter about napping.

The first paragraph reads: “If you’ve got too much to do, take a nap – just a ten minute nap. As ludicrous as it seems, dropping off the edge of consciousness is often the best way to steal the extra time you need to meet crushing deadlines.”

Or decompress. Or catch a breath. Or realign priorities.

I’ve been a napping devotee all my life. When my children were little, I often napped when they did. Once they reached school age, I snoozed before they came home. By adulthood, I was a pro at setting a mental clock for how long the nap would take. And, years later, when I broke my leg and hobbled to work on crutches, I spent my lunch hour sound asleep on the floor of an empty office. These days my couch and I bond most afternoons for about an hour.

The chapter on napping ends with a recipe for a “gourmet” nap. It includes soft light, no shoes, a warm cover, and a meditation to help you practice. I highly recommend the process. In fact, I highly recommend you purchase the book.

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