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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I visit my oncologist this afternoon; the one I credit with saving my life from the probable death sentence of ovarian cancer.

That’s what ovarian cancer usually is, because typically there are no lumps, no warning signs, nothing to suggest there is a problem until it’s too late.

I am one of the lucky ones.

This is probably why I believe Breast Cancer Awareness has done its job and October should be released from pink balloons, pink lemonade on airplanes, pink shirts at the office, and pink cupcakes.

Don’t get me wrong.  Anyone who has survived breast cancer is a heroine in my book.  A hero too in certain cases. But Susan G. Komen and her associates have done their job.  We know the risks.  We know what to do.  And many have taken appropriate steps to care for themselves in this situation.

The thing is there are many cancers that get no air time.  Is it because breasts are a big deal (No pun intended) in our society?  I hope not.  Cancer of any kind is shattering.  Which is why I want to lobby for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to be called simply Cancer Awareness Month.

Wouldn’t we all want to be in this fight together?

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  1. chris says:

    Anne, that’s a great idea. I love it… You’ve got my vote

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