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Christmas Dinner

Christmas Eve is two weeks from tonight, and so far I haven’t done a thing regarding decorations, the tree, or dinner. It’s not like me, but then I haven’t been myself lately.

That is, in the physical sense. In the mental realm, I’m me as much as ever, which means as I’m napping these afternoons my mind is planning how to accomplish Christmas with as little effort as possible. I’ve got a plan for the decorations (Do fewer.) and the tree (Get help.)

But dinner for six has had me stymied. Preparing it, even over the next two weeks, feels daunting; and serving it feels equally so. Which led me to contact local caterers for help. Since Christmas Eve is a Sunday and Christmas Day a Monday, the two caterers I called declined. One suggested I contact a well-known local hotel, because “hotels have to feed their guests.”

In fact, their guests included some of my guests, so I was sure the problem was solved. Turns out even the hotel in question isn’t serving on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day at all because “we wanted to give our staff time off to be with their families.”

Randomly I googled “personal chefs in Berrien County,” and that’s how Mindy Kasewurm came into my life. Despite hosting both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with her own family, she is taking on feeding mine. And we are feasting.

We’re still working on the final menu, but I know it will please the carnivores and the pescatarians, those with allergies and those without, those who want to eat healthily and those who don’t. Most of all, it pleases me.

Today is an 8.

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