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Cubs Lose

The Chicago Cubs opened the 2017 season on the road last night and lost to their nemesis, the St. Louis Cardinals.  The score was 4-3. Last year, they opened their World Series winning season by beating the Los Angeles Angels 9-0. Which shows that winning by one run is just as effective as winning by nine.

Except the wrong team won last night.

I don’t know much about baseball, but I do know hopes are high in the Windy City for another stab at another World Series. I also know baseball is about statistics, so I’m sure there is someone somewhere who has analyzed the chances of a team losing its first game and winning the whole tamale.

My favorite baseball season was the one where my son Kevin played first base for the Arlington Heights Bees.  That was forty years ago, and I still remember sitting in the stands at the local park screaming my lungs out with the other parents.

I screamed at the television the same way when I learned the Cubs had won after a 108-year drought. And I’ll scream again, given the opportunity.  Still . . .  I’m not counting on it because the Cubs are 0-1 right now.

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