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Cupcake Wine

During my regular morning visit to the local supermarket I spied a display of “Cupcake Wine.” It was located in the fresh bread section. I walked by quickly as I was on a deadline at home and didn’t have time to loiter.

But what I saw in those mere ten seconds was confusing. There was this rack of wine bottles, all tilted upside down, with a sign that read “Cupcake Wine.” And it was surrounded by baguettes, hard rolls, special dessert cakes, and a croissant or two.

So . . . what did it mean? Was it wine made of cupcakes? Or wine to be shared with cupcakes? Or with hard rolls? Or simply a silly name to compete with wines named “Flip Flop” and “Dancing Bear?”

I don’t have the answer, but I plan to return tomorrow morning and, after taking that first, special sip of my latte, linger by the display and come up with answers.

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