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Day Fifty-Eight

I’m hiding in Panera’s Bakery taking advantage of the free WiFi, since our Internet connection at the new house is still five days away from going ‘live.’ I’m also hiding from the workers at our new place who are installing custom closets, fixing the dryer, and starting to hang pictures. And I’m definitely hiding from all those boxes in the garage.

We hand off the keys to the old place tomorrow at 4 PM. I’m not sure how I’ll feel when the actual moment arrives. But, right now, I’m eager to have all our possessions and all of my attention in one place again.

We received the offer on our old house the middle of July, and now we’re into the middle of November. So for four months, houses have been front and center in our lives. I even gave up piano lessons temporarily, something I’ll never do again, since I knew there’d be little time to practice. I gave up manicures and cut back on visits to the health club. Stopped buying the Sunday Chicago Tribune and practically forgot how to cook.
And Christmas? I usually have my shopping done by now; this year I don’t even have a list made out yet.

As for blogging, I haven’t commented on the political scene, since I have no idea what’s going on. (They passed health care reform, didn’t they?) I haven’t talked about reading or writing or anything except how we spent the sixty days we were granted as an alternative to moving twice. And, should I get the urge to move again maybe it will provide a reminder of all the work involved.

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  1. Diane Sanders says:

    you are obviously the Anne Brandt that I know, from Loyola University. I finally looked up your name in the 2006 directory before I threw it away
    looking at the picture you haven’t changed
    contact me at lower case deenasanders@Hotmail.com when you have time

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