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Day Three

I promised a report on the drain situation, so here it is. I honestly don’t think being sedentary for three days helped much at all. We take two measurements a day: the first yesterday was 10, which is really good.  The second was 30, which isn’t.

But I’ve committed to being quiet for three days, so will continue on this “house arrest” routine until tomorrow morning. Here are some other things I’ve learned.

Lounging in one’s nightgown all day isn’t conducive to feeling great. As someone who worked at home as a freelance writer for years, I always dressed and put my face on before heading to the computer and work. I should have done the same in this situation.

Taking ibuprofen is a good idea. I started four days ago and find the drain is less annoying when it’s less painful.  As one who doesn’t take a lot of medications, I’m adverse to prescription pain meds. But maybe I’ve been too rigid.

Having a bra with the right fit is essential. In the past three weeks, I’ve experimented with seven different styles. Some were too tight; others too flimsy. But the current one that SW, the oncology nurse navigator, gave me before I started “house arrest” was, in the words of Goldilocks, “just right.”

Earl and I are working on another jigsaw puzzle. It’s nice to have a challenge that takes your mind off your woes. And tomorrow I go back to being me. Have two appointments and a bunch of errands that accumulated while I was loafing. All in all, today was a 7.

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