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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.

Day Two

With emails and voicemails from friends encouraging me to “Hang in there,” I’m on Day Two of restricted activity.

In the spirit of the day, I haven’t even gotten out of my nightgown or washed my face. Haven’t made our bed either. And Earl made a new egg sandwich recipe for lunch.  He loved it; I didn’t. But it was nice that he did the work.

It is now only 4 PM, and I’ve had a long afternoon nap. I plan to watch a beautiful sunset in about forty-five minutes (The weather has been most cooperative.) and then review some of the medical information I’ve accumulated since this all began. It’s just the right amount of excitement!

We shall not be dancing this evening or painting a bedroom or vacuuming. But Saturdays usually bring two weekly magazines to our door, and Earl has started another jigsaw puzzle. So we’ll amuse ourselves with sedentary activities until we check the drain before bedtime.

Duane the drain better be happy with all this. If he is, then the day is an 8.  If not, it’s a 3. There’ll be a report tomorrow.

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