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Doc Day #5

As usual, I came armed with questions for my weekly visit with the radiation oncologist. This time, they were relevant to what’s happened since our last meeting.

There’s the rash on my right breast and chest area, as well as on my back. And there’s this issue with my mouth that I burned twice in two days almost two weeks ago. The rash isn’t annoying; but it’s obvious. And I wanted to know what it might be. The burn on the roof of my mouth is more annoying, so I wanted to know what that might be too.

In the end, I found out what each of these issues isn’t rather than what they are.  The rash isn’t shingles because it doesn’t itch or burn. Most likely it’s related to the radiation and will go away about two weeks after the sessions end. The mouth problem isn’t a radiation side effect either, because I’m not getting that area treated.

So what is it? The doctor didn’t seem to know but recommended I use Oragel, which is what they give teething infants. I can do that, but it’s a palliative solution rather than a getting-to-the-root-of-the-problem one. Still, I’ll be seeing the doctor again next week.

And if these two issues haven’t improved, he will be the first to know.

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