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Drama on the Pond

A week ago four geese flew into our pond, and I was unhappy.  Geese are a nuisance in a residential area, and there is little one can do about it that is effective.

My neighbor and I believe these are the geese that plagued us all summer.  Except back then there were five.  So something must have happened to one of them. It also seems that one of the four is not well.  Its neck is bent and it can’t fly.  And while I dislike geese intensely, I’m not one to wish pain or suffering on any living thing.

My neighbor and I keep vigil.  We don’t want the geese on our lawns, and we’re quick to shoo them away to another part of the pond.  At the same time, I’ve decided I won’t throw rocks at them anymore.  (NOTE:  It is illegal to kill a Canada goose, but I haven’t found anything wrong with assaulting them after what they did to our lawns this past summer.) But, let it be known, I am not responsible for the particular goose’s problems.

Geese seem to form family alliances of a fashion.  The three hale and hearty ones stick by their companion, although they disappear in the evening to hide in rushes or tall grass elsewhere, leaving the injured one alone on the pond.  Yet every morning they return to be together.

We’ve called the DNR to see if someone can come and take the geese elsewhere.  So far, no response.  We’ll persist, and I expect that the three healthy geese will do the same. We’ll see how this plays out.

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