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First Impressions

It’s the first day of the Democratic National Convention, and pandemonium reigns.  It was supposed to be a contrast to last week’s Republican National Convention where pandemonium was invited as a front row participant.

But with the WikiLeaks regarding the DNC’s opinion of Bernie Sanders and Sanders’ followers themselves both being unruly, it leaves one to wonder: Is there a rational approach to anything anymore?

Then it’s noted on national television that the WikiLeaks were engineered by Russia, who wants Trump to win the Presidency.  I don’t have enough information yet to determine if this is true or not, but either way it doesn’t bode well.

Early in July, I decided I would watch both the RNC and the DNC conventions and view firsthand what their followers said. But even on the first night of the RNC convention I was turned off. During the entire convention, I believe I watched a cumulative sixty minutes.

It’s the case with the DNC as well. My first impression is to turn off the television and finish my Richard Russo book. I won’t have to watch the DNC long to match sixty minutes.

P.S. My husband noted that there are five months until Christmas.

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