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Fresh Sheets

“Will you help me make our bed?”

“Sure,” Earl said. And, because he’s Earl, he wanted to do it as soon as the dryer stopped.

Normally re-stretching the mattress pad and then putting on the sheets is a one-person job, but it must be noted that such person needs two functioning arms to stretch the various layers in the corners and then lift the king-sized mattress to keep them in place.

I’ve done this alone for years, but these days I have only one good arm, the other being compromised in the name of halting cancer. Still, my secret weapon is Earl.

The thing is he has never made a bed before, at least in my memory. So we struggled with getting the mattress pad on in the right direction. Since the bed is not square, this matters. We also disagreed about how the top sheet should be: right side up or right side down.  But I was raised by a nurse who just happened to be my mother, which means I’m rigid about doing it her way. It’s right side down. I will say we did not do hospital corners.

Changing the sheets is a great example of how life after breast surgery is life in the slow lane. And the irony of this is that I’m currently sleeping on our couch, as it’s more comfortable.

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