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Goodbye Starbucks

Dear Starbucks,
I have had a long, passionate and faithful affair with you, starting about ten years ago when I fell in love with your lattes. You fueled my caffeine desire and lit my beverage life. I was willing to endure anything to accept one of your offerings.

But no longer.

I came to my senses this morning as I stood in line for my usual libation. It was 9:31 AM when I got in line and it was 9:51 AM when I actually held my drink in my hands. In the interim, I pondered what I was doing, what else I could do with twenty minutes, and what it was about a cup of coffee that was so important.

I decided that when ordering a cup of coffee takes longer than the traditional American coffee break of fifteen minutes that there is something wrong with the Starbucks system. I realize that each cup of coffee is made to the specifics of the person ordering it, but all of a sudden I felt that coffee had gained too much importance, too much value. It is, after all, only a beverage. It is not a solution to AIDS or to poverty or a cure for cancer.

In addition, I researched coffee breaks online and learned that the U.S. government has no policy about them. No company has to allow them. Rather they are part of our casual business culture. So I say Starbucks has taken advantage of the situation; and, while I don’t want to dictate to others, this makes me feel like a chump.

I have one of your Starbucks debit cards, and once the $4.23 left on it is used, I’m going cold turkey. You were always hot and I loved you, but it’s over.

So goodbye,

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