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Goose Update

Unless you’ve chased geese, researched their habits to learn how to dissuade them, and had to purchase a new broom with which to fend them off, you have no idea how wonderful this current summer is. It’s the first one in four years where Canada’s contribution to the goose species hasn’t been a nuisance where I live. And this newly found tranquility is wonderful.

This past spring, the condo association where I live approved monies to erect an attractive fence around the perimeter of the pond that is part of our property and that of a dozen or so other families. The object was to keep the geese away by creating a barrier between the water and our lawns, so that the geese would not have easy access back and forth.

We are now into the middle of August, and I’m thrilled to say that after a few encounters early-on the geese have decided to abandon their territory for somewhere else.  May it only be far away!

I think about this regularly as I deadhead flowers, water plants, or just sit on my glider. I can walk barefoot in my lawn without stepping in “goose gifts.” I can sleep in without hearing honks before daylight. And I can use my broom for what it was originally intended. How could summer be any better?

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