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Grade School Reunion Redux

This weekend I entered a time capsule, one that transported me back to the late 1950s when my classmates and I were under the auspices of the nuns who staffed St. Louis Cathedral School and tried to mold our characters.  It took on some of us.

Twelve classmates are in the capsule with me to celebrate the second annual grade school reunion. Last year I wrote an essay about the first such reunion.  Titled – what else? – “Grade School Reunion,” it can be found in the Potpourri section of this website.  You’ll see a link to it on the left side of this page.

I can’t speak for the others, but I arrived in St. Louis this year with the same trepidation I’d felt in 2012.  And I returned home with the same feeling for the time I spent with former classmates.  In one word, it was wonderful. I’m writing it all down, because that’s what I do; and when I’m finished I’ll post my memories of our second grade school reunion.

There is already talk of a third, and I’ve promised myself I will attend with no reluctance.

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