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Grade School Reunion

I graduated from grade school in the spring of 1957, fifty-five years ago this coming May. It was a glorious time. I loved my classmates, which was important since I’d gone to five grade schools and really hoped to belong somewhere. I felt I did at St. Louis Cathedral Grade School.

There were eight girls who hung around together, and I’ve written about them before. Now, some of us are attempting to put a reunion together even though we haven’t been in particularly close contact for more than half a century.

Yet, when the bond is there it’s one of those things you can pick up where you put it down. Of the eight girls, seven have already surfaced and said they were coming to a lunch the end of April. We’re still trying to track down the eighth.

One problem is that women usually take their husbands’ names at marriage, so it’s difficult to find someone under those circumstances. But we’re searching the social networks to see if we can do it. So Kathy McHugh (maiden name), if you’re out there and you graduated from St. Louis Cathedral School in 1957, please phone home. I can be reached at anne@annebrandt.com.

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