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Hardware Stores

Since we’re getting ready to move again, I’ve begun to haunt hardware stores. Maybe ‘haunt’ isn’t the right word, since I definitely am visible to the clerks and cashiers and certainly don’t wail and whine. Instead, I walk the aisles – up one side and down the other from one end of the store to the other looking for ideas.

Actually I’ve already got the ideas; I’m looking for ways to implement them. Case in point: Paint. Our builder will paint our new home any color we want, but all the walls must be the same color. This is fine with me, as I can add accents later. But what I found at ACE were small sample jars, just enough to paint a 2’ by 2’ swatch on the walls to see precisely what color I’ll want. For $3 each, I can take four or five of these jars and really see which one works.

I’m also thinking of having a build-in window seat in the piano room. But after pricing what custom cabinetry costs, I checked into using kitchen cabinets, the kind that hang above the sink. I also found the right ceiling fans (since the builder only supplies one style and color), the right bathroom faucets (again, the builder’s choice wasn’t mine), and the right baseboards. I know, baseboards aren’t on most people’s list of top decorating ideas. But they’re definitely on mine. And I found just what I think might work.

So far, I haven’t purchased a thing yet, but I’m getting close. And when I return with my checkbook, I’ll know exactly what I want.

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