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Have I Mentioned?

I don’t reread all my blogs, so forgive me if I repeat myself.  And if I do, it’s because the issue is still on my mind. Here are some more things I really didn’t know about the aftermath of a serious surgery.

The sutures itch; but it’s likely not a good idea to scratch. (Is it ever a good idea?) The area around the incision is numb and has been since the operation.  This includes part of my upper back as well. The doctor said that would eventually go away.  But what month of the year is called “Eventually.”

Duane the drain is still hanging around (Literally) and being as annoying as ever. I’ve gotten better at finding places to hide him in pant pockets or safety pinned to my bra. But he’s ever present. And I’ve learned that when he departs, I’ll still be changing bandages on the site where he was attached to my body.

On the plus side, my surgery was 25 days ago; it occurred to me that the next step – radiation – calls for approximately 35 treatments over six and a half weeks. So I’m using this surgical recovery experience to see what it feels like for the next phase in terms of passing the time. In the process, I’ve learned the meaning of “slow.”

Today was a 7.

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