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Home Stretch

The routine I planned for these seven weeks of radiation has served me well. I pretty much cancelled my social calendar to not be exposed to the flu, coughs and colds, or any other lurking germs.

Not being a morning person, I scheduled the radiation appointments near the end of the day and allowed myself to enjoy other pursuits until 3:30 PM. I returned to mall walking and working with a personal trainer, as well as took advantage of any physical therapy my health insurer covered. And I’ve worked hard to maintain a positive attitude; given that I’ve not experienced many of the standard side effects, it’s been relatively easy.

Still, with one week to go, I’m eager to finish. I looked at my calendar for the week of March 4, the first week after radiation, and it’s completely bare. No doubt, engagements will show up before long, but the hours that have been spent going to the hospital, being radiated, and returning home are found time.

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