?`s and ANNEswers

Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


It’s been only four days, but already the routine with Liam is well-established. I show up at 3:30 every afternoon and change into a purple hospital gown. Fortunately I like purple.

Then four people – Are they technicians, assistants, nurses? I don’t know yet – escort me into Liam’s room, which is always quite cold. On the first day, Erica asked if I wanted a heated blanket, but by today she knew I did. It’s now a given part of the procedure. The first day they asked if I wanted music and the lights while Liam worked. By now they know I prefer silence and darkness.

I have no idea what Liam charges for these daily treatments, but he – I assume it’s a he, since I named him – works quickly. I hardly have time for a power nap when the four people return to escort me out of the room. They are always pleasant and friendly, but I wonder why it takes four of them. That will be tomorrow’s question.

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