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House Guest

My son, Keith who prefers to be called Buddy, arrived today.  We haven’t had any time together since July, and a lot has happened since then. So since I picked him up at the South Bend Airport around noon, we have talked nonstop over Starbucks and salads before mall walking with my friends and making it on time to radiation.  Then Earl joined us for dinner at Silver Beach Pizza.

We compared notes on our current activities and reminisced about other times in our lives. Like when Buddy was growing up. Or when I divorced Jeff. Or what other family members were up to. Even cars.

Most of my friends would say how great it is to have time alone with one of your adult children without a spouse or little ones around. It’s not that you don’t like the extended family, but a Mom and her offspring have memories the others don’t share. I have always been fortunate that both my sons and I make time together . . . alone.

So Buddy is now in bed, as is Earl. And I’m smiling at a great time today.

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