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I’ve Been Gone

Two months ago today I wrote my last blog. In those two months various family events and issues have overridden any desire to write for the public domain. And to a certain extent, I still feel like I want to be private. At the same time, many ideas force themselves into my head, urging me to write, to explore and explain. So, on this two month anniversary of my last blog, I’m here . . . struggling with what to reveal about my absence and also what to make of it.

Suffice to say the past two months have seen one wedding, two anniversaries, and a special birthday celebrated in fine fashion. They were the highlights of the times, events many will remember in the years to come.

Then there was the surgery I had on June 17. Ostensibly it was to remove an ovarian tumor, one which most pre-surgical tests suggested was benign. There was the CA 125 test, the CT scan, and the various blood function tests. I passed them all with flying colors. The statistical predictions said that what I had could only be a ten percent chance of cancer.

However, the reality was – er . . . is – that I fell into that ten percent. Earl and I learned this when we went for a follow-up visit with the oncologist who performed my surgery two weeks after my coming home. Even he admitted that he’d thought I would be in the clear. It was the final pathology report that said otherwise in bold black print. It also said my cancer had not spread beyond one ovary. I don’t have to have chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and survival statistics for patients in this situation are listed at ninety-five percent for five years.

There has been a lot to celebrate these past two months, and I rank making the right decisions about the surgery right up there with the other joyous events our family had.

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